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The day came when we told ourselves that "this is it, lets go, we can no longer be here, we're going". That was the day we decided to leave Manhattan, leave our jobs, and leave the place we were born. 

We decided that the "jobs" we had weren't the roles we were willing to take in this world. Our writing, music, and observations had led us to the decision of focusing all our energy into the most beautiful form of communication... MUSIC. 

We packed our bags and headed north to Saugerties,NY where we found a one room cabin high in the mountains with no one within 5 miles of us. We told ourselves "if theres reason to continue, we'll stay". 

After hours and hours of coming face to face with our fears, demons, emotions, tears, and inspirations the writing began. The reason to stay was clear. 8 months in 3 cabins, on 3 different mountains, we wrote our music. 

                      Our Story

The journey was far from over. With our hearts and souls poured into these songs we knew the right producer was the next piece of the puzzle. A producer who believed in not only us, nor our music, but believed in the role of being a song writer, what it means emotionally to devote all of your energy into writing music. 

With our hearts open to the universe we were guided to Longbranch,NJ where we met a man with experience. A man With his eyes open for 65 years. A man who believed in the universes plan for us and of course he happened to be a producer, an artist. 

​We decided that in order to fulfill our vision of moving people, do to others what our inspirations have done to us. We must find a house, build a studio, and become family. Over the last few months that is exactly what happened. 

We are currently living in NJ, in our studio, creating a record. The record. 

The Journey continues....